The House of The Good Shepherd


A River of opportunity!

Those familiar with The House of the Good Shepherd know that the most prominent feature in our community is the Musconetcong River. It meanders along the entire eastern boundary of our 15-acre campus. This natural feature is also what separates our campus from any other senior community in the area.   Few things are more calming and 

Hogs1beautiful than a casual stroll along a river – the sound of water trickling through the rocks, the reflection of the sun on the water or watching the wildlife all around us. The House is fortunate to have such a valuable resource for our residents and we embrace the opportunity to make it a focal point of the community. This year’s Annual Appeal is in support of a new Riverwalk that will span the entire length of our property along the Musconetcong River. We remain committed in our efforts to enrich the lives of our residents by providing access to their natural surroundings.

Hogs2When completed, this paved walkway will encompass nearly 2000 feet of river frontage and include rest benches, educational signage, exercise stations and even fishing access points located at various intervals along the route. The walkway will also have distance markers so that residents may track their exercise. This beautiful feature will be a celebration of our unique surroundings and become an extension of the newly completed Riverside Courtyard.

Across the river from Stephens State Park, the array of fish, birds, plants and other wildlife is truly a treasure for our residents to enjoy. While we will be seeking a preservation/education grant for this project, we are also seeking donations from our friends and supporters in completing this Riverwalk so that all of our residents, their families and the community at large may safely enjoy the rich beauty along the banks of the Musconetcong River. Various sponsorships are also available in the form of benches, signage and exercise station equipment.

We truly hope you will consider supporting this vision.

If you have given to our Annual Appeal in past years, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your continuing support. If you are a new contributor, please know that any amount you are willing to give is most appreciated.

In Blessed Gratitude,


David Sullivan
Chairman, Board of Trustees

David Woods
Director of Development


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