The House of The Good Shepherd


Margie S.
This outstanding community gives me the freedom to come and go as I please; the choice to make wonderful friendships, participate in a variety of activities or spend quiet time alone. So many retirees wait until it is too late to plan their later years. I am here having so much fun. This is luxury retirement living at its best. Most important of all I am living in a peaceful, safe & secure environment.

Ethel D.
I have been so impressed first and foremost by the excellent standard & level of care by the entire staff – they really go above & beyond. The food is excellent, there are always tons of activities for us to do.

Robert & Betty P.
Firstly, we would encourage people to come while you can still enjoy the facility and all of the activities that are offered. In making our decision to move here, the key things to us were the proximity to all of our friends, family & doctors as well as the excellent standard of care from the entire staff here. It was also important that it is a quiet, peaceful & secure place to live. It’s a warm & caring community and has become part of our extended family. It is just wonderful and most importantly, it’s all encompassing!

Fred W.
From the minute she arrived at House of the Good Shepherd, I could sense that my mother felt safe and loved there. It was so clear that the staff knew exactly what to do and that they really cared about her. For my mother, it was as though she could finally relax and say to herself, ‘I'm in the right place.' I am truly grateful for all they do.

Marylyn L.
I attribute my husband's improvement to the wonderful care he receives at HOTGS. The nurses and staff are totally engaged with each of the residents, knowing what they need and caring for them. They treat the residents with respect and love. They have encouraged my husband to build his strength through assistance and praise. They clap and cheer for him when he makes progress and are genuine in their happiness. It takes very special and loving people to work in these situations. HOTGS has assembled a staff that is truly special. They care for each individual as if they are family, not a patient. They engage not only the residents, but the families as well, allowing everyone to participate in the care.

Pat S.
I'm tardy in doing this.......cause I keep forgetting...however, I just wanted to pass along how much we enjoyed the festivities. It is the ONLY event I have been successful in getting my father to attend - and he did so 2yrs. in a row! It is a lot of work coordinating those events and then all the extra work for the staff - cooking, maintenance, etc. We ended up with a lovely photo one of the ladies took of Dad and me...I framed and put in his room. Dad will be 90 tomorrow,.....he was surprised to learn how old he was.


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