The House of The Good Shepherd

Our Services

Four levels of services are provided:

  • 48 units of independent living are located in our main building and on the grounds.  Cottages, apartments and duplexes serve seniors who are independent yet value the security of 24/7 emergency assistance and a wide variety of services and programs.
  • In 61 units of assisted living and comprehensive personal care, staff is available to assist with medication administration and provide watchful oversight to seniors who are no longer able to be totally independent.
  • A 62-bed skilled nursing unit serves seniors who require total care.
  • Post-hospital, subacute care is provided on the skilled nursing unit to seniors seeking a temporary stay to rehabilitate after a hospital stay.


The House of the Good Shepherd is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a:

  • Skilled care facility
  • Assisted living facility
  • Comprehensive personal care facility


The House is a member of Leading Age, the national organization of non-profit communities serving seniors.  The House is also a member of the New Jersey affiliate of Leading Age.



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